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Virtual Auction Global

A real-time trading platform which is technologically advanced, 100% compliant and cannot be manipulated, offering the ultimate trading and transaction settlement experience:

Error-free trading
Fully MiFID II compliant

Our company has developed a fully automated trading platform (the ‘Platform’) to serve the needs of the international global fixed income market, and overturn the traditional, largely voiced-based businesses and outdated current trading venues.

The platform offers a flawless trading experience, by incorporating features that members want. These include automatic order and trade confirmations, access for middle/back office and compliance departments, being anonymous execution, secure, transparent, robust and fully compliant with all regulations.

The technical architecture of the VAGM Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) was designed and built with scalability, resilience and security as core principles.

Trading Opportunities at VAGM

Our members across the globe are now seeking greater opportunities to trade at the “FIX”*.The platform offers exactly this to all our members giving them a more cost effective execution by removing the need to cross the spread. Our unique trading protocol means we are classified as a fully hybrid trading platform. Our hybrid market status enables us to provide enhanced protection of our members’ trading interest, reducing the risk
of negative impact for our members.

How Virtual Auction Global Works

Our group of companies have no proprietary trading interests, so our members can be confident that we do not compete for their business.

It is our independence which gives each of our members the extra confidence that there will be no information leakage, increasing the liquidity on the platform and resulting in enhanced execution quality.

No market manipulation, no front running, that is our promise to our members.

Intuitive front end trading system, makes it easy for Traders to trade quickly with confidence

Technical infrastructure uses the latest technology fully scalable, 100% owned by the Group


Intuitive front end trading system, makes it easy for Traders to trade quickly with confidence

Technical infrastructure uses the latest technology, fully scalable, 100% owned by the Group

Ability for all parties to trade at the FIX price, reduces the cost of trading and assists in meeting Best Execution requirements

Automated workflow improves settlement efficiency and reduces risks associated with manual errors

 We are a regulated trading venue – a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)

Meet The Core VAGM Officials

Virtual Auction Global is the result of Mr. Runcorn’s two decades at the forefront of trading financial markets. During this time, he developed a particular interest in full transparency and anonymity in the marketplace.This inspired him to create an innovative online international bond trading venue, using unique technology, trading on a “fixed price” throughout the trading day. His creation is set to revolutionize the trading world on a global scale.

Nicholas James Runcorn

CEO and Founder - VAGM

George Ioannides oversees the company’s shareholder outreach and investor communications efforts and oversights of its global infrastructure. Partnering with the senior board management, he is charged with raising the visibility of Virtual Auction Global Group’s performance and its investor value and helping to manage the company’s regulatory disclosure requirements. He also works closely with the Executive Management team to define business strategy for new products and to drive revenue growth across its presence globally.

George Ioannides

Global Head of Investor Relations - VAGM

Tom Egan is the driving force behind the technical architecture of the VAGM Multilateral Trading Facility. His technical vision ensured an elegant design with scalability, resilience and security as core principles of the platform.
Tom’s career in front office trading systems ranges over twenty years in diverse business lines within banks such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank.
At VAGM, Tom has focused on utilising specialist technical expertise on the core product and also on harnessing best of breed industry technologies. Architecting the firms unique trading protocol and matching capability to ensure a technically robust, well orchestrated, adaptable ecosystem.

Tom Egan

Chief Technology Officer - VAGM

Phil is a MiFID II (and associated legislation) and MAR SME specializing in the front office, market access and market conduct regulatory and legislative compliance and gained regulatory and supervisory experience as part of the MiFID II market implementation programme at the Financial Conduct Authority and lead on the commodities position reporting and limits regime. He was also the Lead Supervisor of ICE.

As COO he brings extensive front office experience of over 20 years trading in the fixed income, foreign exchange, and energy markets at investment banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms, 15 years of which concentrated on electronic and algorithmic trading, market-making, and risk management.

Phil Westwood

Chief Operating Officer - VAGM

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